Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Published works

Below is a complete list of published works:

19 Years 10 Months 24 Days, A novel

"Tip Your Waiters: Karma's a Bitch! in the Summer 2011 edition of Rose and Thorn

The backstory of "Tip Your Waiters posted on the Rose & Thorn Journal's blog

"The Hollow Needle" published in Spring Issue, March 2011 of Anatomy

"Honey Rose" in Issue 23 of The Legendary

"Kissing Scars" at The Fertile Source

Damaged Goods in the Spring 2010, Volume 7 Number 2, edition of Breath and Shadow Magazine

"New Year, 1927" in the Short, Fast, and Deadly 2010 Anthology "Deadlier Than Thou

Short, Fast and Deadly: "The Eleven of Hearts" in Issue 9, "The Arrival" in Issue 10, "Apology to John Keats" in Issue 31, "The Portrait" in Issue 50, "Opening Night" in Issue 78, "No Data" in Issue 86, "Public Auction" in Issue 91

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